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We are very excited to announce the next additions to At the Intersections since its publication. We would like to thank Meredith Dank at the Urban Institute for contributing a section on Survival Sex.  

“Even the most conservative estimates suggest that thousands of youth in New York City alone trade sex for survival. And when you look at those youth there are common threads – shared experiences – that precede engagement in survival sex. Homelessness is one of the largest drivers, and an especially persistent issue for LGBTQ youth who experience exclusion, discrimination, and abuse from so many directions – schools, shelters, and their own families. So why do we need to talk about their experiences? Because they’re faced daily with a sense of isolation that serves only to exacerbate the trauma they’ve experienced, and they’re not alone. The more we share their stories, the more we can ensure they’re provided with services that will support them, not alienate them.” Meredith Dank,Senior Research Associate, Urban Institute

We would also like to thank the peer reviewers, Rebecca Pfeffer, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Houston.

We are also excited to announce an additional contributor to the Juvenile Justice section, Angela Irvine from Impact Justice.

“At Impact Justice, we see that the links between running away, homelessness, engaging in survival crimes, and juvenile justice system involvement are particularly strong for lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, gender nonconforming, and transgender youth of color. Yet services are not always developed to serve this population. We’re committed to facing the challenges and finding sustainable solutions.” Angela Irvine, Vice President, Impact Justice

The At the Intersections team is committed to ensuring this resource is up-to-date and reflective of the community of LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. If you have any ideas for additional sections to add to this report or edits to existing sections please let us know.

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