How to Use This Report

At the Intersections is a digital resource that provides an overview of several topics related to LGBTQ youth homelessness. The report is divided into four sections: Common Narratives, Taking a Deeper Dive, Innovative Approaches, and Solution Strategies. Each section includes an overview of a specific topic, and each topic consists of basic information about the subject, recent stats, a list of take-aways, and, in some instances, a case study. Clicking on the source documents will direct you to additional information about the topic. That’s the beauty of this resource! And unlike printed reports, the digital format of At the Intersections makes it easy to update as new information is gathered.

At the Intersections includes common narratives related to LGBTQ youth homelessness that you may have heard before – including foster care, LGBTQ youth in schools, physical and behavioral health. At the Intersections also focuses the conversation on topics that are often left out of the discussion, such as intersectionality and race, homelessness prevention for LGBTQ youth, immigration, and redefining families. At the Intersections introduces emerging ideas and innovative solutions, creating a more nuanced portrayal of LGBTQ youth homelessness than ever before. This report aims to challenge readers in two ways: to expand their thinking about LGBTQ youth homelessness and the young people who have experienced this crisis firsthand; and to consider new ways to address this national issue.