• We need a massive increase in housing that is affordable and available to the most poor in our society, including young people and their families living without other support systems.
  • Until they are able to access more permanent housing, unaccompanied LGBTQ youth need access to safe shelters and transitional housing, complete with supportive services.
  • Removing barriers to stable education for LGBTQ youth through the proper implementation of Title VII of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and other nondiscrimination laws is key to ending the cycle of intergenerational homelessness and poverty.[18]
  • Laws criminalizing homelessness and poverty are ineffective in addressing its symptoms and underlying causes. These laws are expensive to taxpayers, often violate homeless persons’ constitutional and human rights, force youth experiencing homelessness into dangerous situations, and create additional barriers for youth to access much-needed supports and services. [19]


In 2010, one in every 45 children and youth (1.6 million) was found to be homeless. In 2013, this statistic increased to one in every 30 children and youth (2.5 million).[20].