• In order to prevent LGBTQ youth homelessness, members of the community must collaborate to identify youth facing rejection, family conflict, and crisis.
  • Welfare, behavioral health and criminal justice systems can be reformed to help prevent pathways to homelessness.
  • Targeted outreach and services that are accepting of LGBTQ identities ensure that LGBTQ youth are more likely to find and utilize service providers.
  • Communities need to ensure that housing arrangements are safe for, and supportive of LGBTQ youth.
  • Assessments should be culturally competent and responsive to the unique needs of LGBTQ youth.


Prevention Planning

The current response to youth homelessness places an emphasis on emergency services.


If we want to end youth homelessness we need to place more of an emphasis on prevention and housing supports, while still including emergency services for when they are needed.


[Adapted from Alberta, Canada's plan to prevent and reduce youth homelessness]