• Physical safety and protection from violence are as important to youth as emotional safety and affirmation.
  • Clear policies are needed that create a safe space for youth, both physically and emotionally. These policies should both be stated verbally and be visible throughout the agency.
  • Visible cues matter. Have visible indicators (posters, signs, pamphlets) of safety, respect, and inclusion for LGBTQ youth throughout the agency. These indicators show all youth that the identities of LGBTQ youth are welcomed and affirmed.
  • An important aspect of safety and affirmation for youth is being able to work with staff members who share their identities. Youth discussed the importance of this in relation to sexual orientation, gender identity, race, and age. Recruitment of affirming staff is critical.


99% of Service Providers Report working with LGBTQ Youth. That means we need to make sure ALL service providers know how to provide safe, inclusive, and affirming care for ALL youth! [1]